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A City in Need

  Condega, a beautiful town of 10,000 people in northern Nicaragua, was adopted as Bend, Oregon's sister city in 2004.   Although Condega was 148 years old at that time, the town had never had a fire station, a fire engine or any fire fighting equipment.

A Great Accomplishment  

Since launching the Condega Bomberos Project in 2005, the Bend Firefighters Association, along with the help of many volunteers and donors, have helped Condega establish a fully-functioning fire department.  

As of today, Bend Firefighters have completed 3 trips to Condega.  These trips have included extensive fire training for the Bomberos, both structural and wildland, delivering over 5 tons of Fire/EMS equipment and 2 fully-equipped Fire Engines.   Over the past several years, a dedicated group of  30+ locals (The Bomberos) have been training in a variety of areas including: vehicle extrication, EMS, rope and swift-water rescue, and of course, firefighting.  They now serve 66 outlying communities and over  30,000 people.

A Continued Challenge 

The Condega Bomberos Project has already made more of an impact than could have been imagined.  The Condega Bomberos are now responding to many emergency calls every month, saving homes and lives in and around their community.

But there is still a great need.  Funds are desperately needed to maintain and fuel equipment.  Ongoing training costs money, as does administration of Condega's financial input and output.  Without funding to support these efforts, the Condega Fire Department will falter.

Another benchmark of the project is the construction of a Fire Station.  Land has already been acquired, and the first shipment of building materials has arrived.  However, things are still needed to complete this goal.  Additional funding for materials and construction are just a few.  


What Can You Do?

Have a Cup of Joe

Strictly Organic Coffee is currently offering coffee from in and around the Condega area, and donating a portion of the proceeds from each pound of coffee sold to the Condega Bomberos Project.  The blend - Nueva Esperanza - meaning "new hope" is available for purchase.

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The Bend Brewing Co. first brewed Axe Head Red in honor of the Bend Fire Department's 100 year anniversary.  The BBC continues to re-release this exceptional ale and donate 25 cents per pint to the Condega Bomberos Project.  

So, do your part and drink some beer!


...extra change?

We're gladly accepting monetary donations to help sustain our efforts.  Additional funding will help support operational costs in Condega, such as fuel for the engine, additional equipment and ongoing training. 

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Donate Surplus Equipment

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